Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge Review

MatressGenie_Positions__0When people are having issues in sleeping in their bed, they will often find it is going to be because of issues with their bed. In fact, some people will end up getting new beds because of the difficulty they are having in sleeping. This is when people should read the mattress genie adjustable bed wedge review. By reading this review, people will find out what this is, how it is used, the pros and even the cons of the device. Then people are able to make an educated choice on if the mattress genie adjustable bed wedge is right for them or not.

What Is The Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge

This is a product that is adjustable and will help people in propping up their bed or pillows some. However, what people need to realize is this is an item that is inflated with air, but it is generally put under the upper part of the mattress and will be inflated or deflated to get the upper part of the mattress raised or lowered. Without this, people could be laying flat in their bed and this may not be the optimal sleeping for them.

How Do You Use The Mattress Genie

MattressGenie_PositionWithArrow_90519__25379.1431380303.1280.1280When it is time for you to go to bed, you will simply inflate this item. The inflation is going to gradually raise the upper part of your mattress. Now it is not going to raise it like a hospital bed all the way up, but it will provide it with a slight incline. This incline is typically enough to make it easier for you to sleep at night. When you need to lower your head some, it is very easy to just start to deflate the product some and know it is going to help lower the bed back down.

Pros Of The Mattress Genie

When people are looking at any product, they need to make sure they are going to read about all the reviews that are available. This means people will need to make sure they are looking at the pros first and then the cons. With this item, their are plenty of pros to be explored and they will be shared here.

  • Inflates to raise the mattress to the spot that people are going to feel comfortable with. Since the mattress is going to be inflated to this level, it is going to be easy for people to have the right sleep at night and know they will not be uncomfortable or dealing with sleeping problems.
  • Speed which the item works is something else which people will enjoy. Most of these items is going to take several minutes before they are going to start to raise up the head of the bed, but with these because they have the air inflation they will normally start the inflation process in a few seconds and be complete in just a minute.
  • Weight limit these are able to handle is something else which people tend to find enjoyable. While most people never have to worry about this aspect on their own, some people sleep in bed with their spouse. When they do this, the weight is quite a bit more than just a single person. With that being said, people enjoy the fact this is a wedge that is capable of lifting up to 1000 pounds.
  • Helps alleviate some of the symptoms that people have been suffering from silently while they are trying to sleep. For example, when people have their head elevated some what they are going to find they can start to get some relief from heartburn or other items that are digestion related issues.

Cons Of The Mattress Genie

Just like any product, people will find their are quite a few cons that are present with an item. However, what people need to realize is these cons are going to be different than what they normally expect to see. Here are a couple of the cons that people are going to find with the wedge.

  • In some cases, just like an air mattress, the item can deflate. When it does deflate it is generally going to be gradual and over time. However, when people are using this to help them with some of the various health conditions it is important for people to get the know this can happen.
  • Hoses that are included with the product are often seen as being cheaper in make and can easily start to kink on people when they are using these. So people need to make sure they know about the hoses unreliable nature and figure out how they can handle this since so many people are going to have problems with this and this can easily lead to people not being able to get the item blown up when they need to have it for that night.

When people are looking at their beds they will often find it is rather difficult for people to lay down in comfortably if they need to have their head elevated. However, when people look at the mattress genie adjustable bed wedge, they will see this can provide people with the results they want to have. Without this, people are going to have trouble in sleeping, until they get a new bed, which is expensive, and very difficult for them to find the right one.