Dutch Glow Scratch Aide Does it Work?

Made by the producers of Dutch Glow, Scratch Aide is guaranteed to be a wood scratch mender that can make scratches on wood surfaces in a split second vanish and can bring all your wood furniture, deck, and cabinetry back to life.

With a specific end goal to finish this, Dutch Glow Scratch Aide is guaranteed to go on clear and ingest the current stain color, permitting it to match any sort or color of wood, help your wood look just took the ribbon off new again in seconds, and spare you many dollars on repairs at the long run. Indeed, Scratch Aide is so is guaranteed to be so natural to utilize that it lives up to expectations in three straightforward steps:

  • Fill the split or gouge
  • Smooth utilizing the included spatula
  • Allow to dry and the break or gouge will be no more


dutch-glow-packagingAs per the producer, Dutch Glow Scratch Aide is ensured to furnish you with astounding results, paying little mind to the sort of wood you’re repairing or its area.

Wood stylistic layout in your home can include a level of warmth that is hard to accomplish with different decorations, despite the fact that the consistent scratching, wear, and tear can bring about your once-new furniture and floors to begin looking shabby genuinely quick. Be that as it may, can Dutch Glow Scratch Aide help keep this in a basic and simple way? Consider the accompanying:

In the Dutch Glow Scratch Aide business, the scratches demonstrated amid exhibitions seemed, by all accounts, to be genuinely light and just on the top layer of the wood, so it would be intriguing to perceive how well it performs for greater scratches that enter the wood on a more profound level.

Furthermore, in spite of the fact that the scratches seem to instantly mix into the encompassing wood after Dutch Glow Scratch Aide is connected, remember that adding the fluid to the scratches might simply refract light and keep the scratch from being effortlessly unmistakable. Likewise, since the current stain on your wood is dried, we’d be interested in the matter of how Scratch Aide quickly assimilates its stain once connected. Likewise, since the exhibits in the Scratch Aide business are from one and only edge, we’d be quick to test it out a learn if the fluid’s sheen is unmistakable after its dried.

At long last, despite the fact that Scratch Aide’s business guarantees the fluid goes on clear, it seems to have a genuinely profound chestnut tint taking into account the photo on the site. All things considered, it may not coordinate all wood recolors similarly.

k2-_8efc933a-7962-4beb-9117-c75e06118c4b.v1Next, recall that wood repair units are nothing but the same old thing new, so you’ll have the capacity to discover several alternatives on the web, and also through nearby retailers. Without a doubt, not these choices will repair your wood scratches precisely like Scratch Aide, and some may be more costly. In spite of the fact that, with regards to self-repairing your wood furniture, you’re presumably more centered on quality results than you are fundamentally on expense.

At last, by submitting your request on the Dutch Glow Scratch Aide site, you’ll be sure to the organization’s discretion understanding, which will restrict your capacity to wind up some piece of a legal claim or any sort of legitimate continuing against the organization.


The Dutch Glow Scratch Aide was another item and didn’t have any online client surveys accessible at the season of our exploration.

Nonetheless, Scratch Aide is made by SAS Group, who additionally makes Dutch Glow (which likewise goes under the name Amish Wood Milk), another famous ASOTV wood furnishing item. Dutch Glow had a 1.5-star rating, with probably the most widely recognized dissentions referring to:

  • Inability to function as promoted (truth be told, in the wake of looking into the item ourselves, we lacked the capacity tell a contrast between cupboards that had Dutch Glow connected and those that were essentially wiped down with a dry material)
  • Long conveyance times
  • Poor client services (e.g. various upsells amid calls, successive requesting from telemarketers subsequent to acquiring)
  • Request sums that were much higher than anticipated.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • The Dutch Glow Scratch Aide is estimated at $10, in addition to $12.90 S&H (yes, you read that privilege!) and a $2 “web charge,” conveying your aggregate to $24.90. At this cost you’ll get the accompanying:
  • 1 container of the Dutch Glow Scratch Aide Scratch Mender
  • Microfiber cleaning and cleaning glove
  • Wood Butter – fills and hides breaks and gouges
  • Scratch Aide accompanies a 30-day discount approach, less S and H charges. Which implies that in the event that you choose to give back your Scratch + Aide request, you’ll lose more in S&H charges than you’ll get as a discount, which is before you even incorporate the amount it’ll cost you to send the item back to the produce.


026e998dceebea33459a1ea2b6ef423eCleaving to the Point: It’s actually conceivable, albeit taking into account our involvement with other cleaning items from the same producer, the outcomes may be considerably less fabulous than the business makes it appear.

As being what is indicated, on the off chance that you anticipate moving the craps with the Dutch Glow Scratch Aide, it’s essential to recollect that you’ll lose a decent lump of progress on S&H charges in case you’re disappointed, and to keep your desires sensible.