Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner: The Ultimate Review

bona hardwood floor cleaner“Bona” in Latin and Italian means “good”, and apparently it has the same meaning in Swedish too. It’s the brand name of a long-standing Swedish company in the cleaning industry, and since 1919 they have made various cleaning products and accessories for homeowners and professional cleaners. Now they’re a highly regarded brand sold in more than 70 countries all over the world. Their Bona hardwood floor cleaner is especially renowned.

What Are The Benefits of Bona?

The Bona wood floor cleaner has received a lot of recognition over the years, and that’s mainly because it offers truly wonderful cleaning results in a way that’s safe for users and for the environment.

Direct comparisons of the Bona wood cleaner with other well-known brands show that the Bona hardwood cleaner is truly better for spot cleaning and for regular maintenance. You can trot it out every week or so, and if there’s a spill then you can clean up the mess right away before they become a permanent stain on your floor.

Bona is very easy to use, as you just spray it on the hardwood floor and wipe. It also dries up very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about your kids or your pets making a mess out of the floor while you wait it to dry.

It is also an environmentally-friendly product, and that’s been officially certified by Greenguard. They don’t contain much VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), so you can use it indoors safely without having to breathe in dangerous fumes. These VOCs can really make you sick, especially when you’re exposed frequently over time.

Because of the lack of VOCs, the scent of Bona is quite fresh and clean, instead of harsh. It can help people appreciate the very cleanliness of the entire home.

You can use the Wood Floor Cleaner on varnished wood by first using a microfiber dusting pad to get rid of the grit and dust. These small dirt particles can act like sandpaper which can damage the surface of your hardwood floor. When the hardwood floor begins to look a bit dull, you can revitalize its look with the Bona hardwood floor polish. You can do the same thing if your floor is treated with floor wax.

The Bona Lineup

bona lineup 2 The great thing about Bona is that you can find everything you need among the products they offer. For example, Bona offers an alternative product if you treat your hardwood floor with wood oil. Wood oil is great even though it doesn’t provide direct protection against wear, because it helps repel water.

To deal with oiled floors, first you need to vacuum or sweep the floors regularly, and then use the microfiber dusting pad for stubborn dirt. Then you can spray the floor with some Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors, which you then wipe off.

If you’re using oiled floors, Bona also recommends the use of its Bona Oil Refresher so that the floor maintains its good looks. This is especially true for floors in areas where the risk of spilled water is high, such as in the kitchen. You can apply the Bona Oil Refresher a few times a year for additional protection for the floor so that its life span is not shortened.

bona lineup 1Bona offers a Microfiber Dusting Pad you can use to remove dirt and grime from the floor. The company also offers a Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop too, along with a spray mop for stone, tile, and laminate floors. It offers microfiber cleaning pads and applicator pads. There’s even a microfiber floor mop.

For stone and tile floors, Bona also offers the use of its microfiber dusting pad as well as the Stone and Tile Floor Spray Mop. When the stone floor is looking a bit dull, you can refresh its appearance by applying the specially-formulated Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Refresher.

So if you’re concerned about the look and cleanliness of your hardwood or stone floors, Bona stands ready to offer its assistance.

What are the few potential Problems?

mop-wood-floorsfree-bona-hardwood-floor-cleaner-and-mop-wqmscqimNothing is perfect, however, and that applies to Bona as well. While it continues to receive a majority of rave reviews, a significant number of reviews have commented about the apparent reduction in Bona quality. They admit to using Bona for years, and they loved it so much they don’t use anything else. But in the last year or so the product has been giving substandard results for some users.

Some have noticed a sticky feeling on the floor. It’s as if a soda or juice drink was spilled on the floor and was just mopped up haphazardly. But after testing the Bona again the same tacky feel on the floor was very evident.

Also, quite a few have noticed that the floors look a bit dull after using Bona. Others noted that the floors have also begun sporting this streaky film. These effects have been quite obvious to those who have been using Bona for years, as the product has always been so reliable. These recent changes have made some customers ask whether the formula for Bona has changed due to some cost-cutting measures.

Bona has also always been comparatively expensive. Not all that many homeowners have really complained about this, because the quality of the results was excellent, so Bona has provided high value for money. With these recent changes, however, it’s no longer certain whether the Bona you get will provide the same high quality as before.


With almost a century in the cleaning industry, Bona has established an enviable reputation for high quality for its lineup of cleaning products for homeowners and professionals. However, Bona has recently found it difficult to maintain that quality recently.

It’s probably a safe bet that Bona will correct these quality control mistakes and return back to the same high quality for which the brand has always been known. But in the meantime, homeowners can use other cleaning products such as Amish Dutch Glow which offer great results at a more affordable price.