The Pros and Cons of Wood Floor Wax

how to clean waxed wood floors

Back before polyurethane finishes became common for floors starting in the 1970s, wood floors in older homes had wax finishes. The finish is that final layer of protection for a wood floor, and a wax finish can look really great. With wood floor wax, your wood floors have that elegant look that can make your […]

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Cleaning Wood Floors with Vinegar: The Best Natural Cleaner?

natural hardwood floor cleaner

The most hotly debated topic regarding wood floors is not about which wood is best or the most beautiful. That’s a topic that relies mostly on personal preferences and overall interior home design. The real debate is whether cleaning wood floors with vinegar is really a good idea or not. Mane homeowners and old-timers claim […]

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How to Find the Best Vacuum for Wood Floors?

wood floor vacuum

Wood floors are a perennial favorite for homes all over the world. They look beautiful and classy, and they’re nice and warm to the touch on your bare feet. Falling on wood floors also causes less serious injuries. On the other hand, they can gather dust and dirt very easily, and that’s why choosing the […]

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Value Of The Matress Wedge From Bed Bath And Beyond

Let’s suppose you have placed your phone on the bed. It is sitting there and you forget to put it on the table next to you and fall asleep. This happens all the time and that is certainly nothing to be worried about right? Wrong! This is definitely something to worry about as the next […]

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Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner: The Ultimate Review

bona lineup 1

“Bona” in Latin and Italian means “good”, and apparently it has the same meaning in Swedish too. It’s the brand name of a long-standing Swedish company in the cleaning industry, and since 1919 they have made various cleaning products and accessories for homeowners and professional cleaners. Now they’re a highly regarded brand sold in more […]

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Wedge Pillow For Acid Reflux Gets Positive Reviews

There are many reasons that this can happen, as well as several different remedies that you can have access to either at your local pharmacy, or by traveling to your doctor for an appointment to get a prescription aid. There is another way that you can take care of this problem, which has to do […]

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Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge Review

When people are having issues in sleeping in their bed, they will often find it is going to be because of issues with their bed. In fact, some people will end up getting new beds because of the difficulty they are having in sleeping. This is when people should read the mattress genie adjustable bed […]

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Dutch Glow Scratch Aide Does it Work?

Made by the producers of Dutch Glow, Scratch Aide is guaranteed to be a wood scratch mender that can make scratches on wood surfaces in a split second vanish and can bring all your wood furniture, deck, and cabinetry back to life. With a specific end goal to finish this, Dutch Glow Scratch Aide is […]

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