How to Find the Best Vacuum for Wood Floors?

best vacuum for wood floorsWood floors are a perennial favorite for homes all over the world. They look beautiful and classy, and they’re nice and warm to the touch on your bare feet. Falling on wood floors also causes less serious injuries. On the other hand, they can gather dust and dirt very easily, and that’s why choosing the best vacuum for wood floors is so important.

Vacuum cleaners have been around since the start of the 20th century, and more than a hundred years later we have many different types of vacuum cleaners. We can use them to clean upholstery and carpets, and some are robotic types that can clean floors on their own.

What are the Advantages of Using Vacuum Cleaners for Wood Floors?

In the old days, people just swept the dirt and grime from their floors. Many people still use this method, although it’s fairly evident that using a wood floor vacuum is truly a more efficient method of cleaning your wood floor.

For one, a vacuum for wood floors can pick up more dirt and grime than what you can remove with just a broom. The best wood floor vacuum units have truly powerful suction that can take away dust and dirt that a simple broom won’t touch.

These devices also have various attachments that let you get to any place that brooms can’t get to. These corners and crevices can accumulate a lot of dirt which a broom won’t be able to remove, but a vacuum cleaner absolutely can.

You can also speed up the cleaning process significantly, and at the same time you also don’t sue up a lot of effort.

Of course, you’re going to have to spend some money, but it’s probably going to be worth your investment. It’s also true that often the best vacuum cleaner for your needs is not going to be the most expensive.

Most Important Factors to Consider

Of course, price is going to a prime consideration. It doesn’t matter how great a vacuum cleaner is if it’s not within your budget. But even with a reasonable budget you can find a particular type with the set of features you need.

First, you need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is actually designed for wood floors. Most vacuum cleaners of this type don’t have rotator brushes, which are typically feature thick bristles. Rotator brushes are designed to clean carpets with the beater brushes, but these parts can actually damage a wood floor. If it does have rotator brushes, make sure that there’s an on and off switch for this feature to protect your wood floor.

Then you’re going to need to make sure that it offers string suction capacity. If possible, get a vacuum cleaner that can suck out the dirt from carpet fiber, as that’s usually strong enough to get at dust and dirt particles that have become engrained in the crevices of the wood surface.

It should also come with some padding. This is usually either rubber or felt, and they’re designed to prevent you from using the vacuum cleaner to accidentally scratch the wood surface.

It will also help if the vacuum cleaner is light and easy to use. That provides an additional layer of protection, which you may need if your wood floor is especially delicate. When a vacuum cleaner is compact and lightweight, it’s easier to move it around the room. A heavier and bigger vacuum cleaner is not that easy to maneuver which increases the risk of causing scuff marks and scratches accidentally.

Any Additional Features?

wood floor vacuumThen you need to ask yourself if you’re going to use this particular vacuum cleaner just for your floors or for other purposes. Are you also going to use for your couch and for your carpets?

The most crucial point to consider here is that the vacuum cleaner should be designed for hardwood floors but with extra features. That’s better than a vacuum cleaner that may be used for everything including hardwood floors. A handheld unit, for example, may be used for floors, but they’re not exactly the easiest way for you to clean the floor.

You may also want to get a vacuum cleaner that can deal with pet messes if you have a pet dog or cat. These tend to be very powerful, as pet hairs can really stick to various surfaces.

Finally, you can choose a vacuum cleaner with a disposable bag or you can pick a bagless model. This will depend on your preference, and will not affect your hardwood floor.

There Must be Other Ways of Caring for Wood Floors!

Vacuuming regularly and often is perhaps the most important rule when caring for wood floors. But there other rules you should also keep in mind.

One rule that can really help is to take off your shoes before you get inside a room with a wood floor. This is not always possible, of course, but it can really help. This method helps eliminate just about all the dirt you track in that can truly mar the wood floor finish. If this is not possible, then a floor mat on which people can remove most of the dirt from their shoes can also eliminate much of the tracked-in dirt.

Another important rule is that you have to deal with scuffs and spills immediately. If you see a light scuff, you can use a fuzzy but clean tennis ball to erase the scuff mark. For heavier scuff marks, you can use a damp cloth with a little baking soda to gently rub away the mark. You can then rinse the spot with a damp paper towel and then buff the spot dry.

For spills, you must really blot them immediately with an absorbent cloth. You can’t let them dry on the wood floor because they will just dull the finish, and attract more dirt in the process. You can then use a damp paper towel to get rid of any residue and then you can buff dry.

Follow all these rules along with using the best vacuum for wood floors, and you can truly maintain the look and longevity of your wood floors.