What’s a Mattress Wedge? Find out Exactly How It Works!

Sleep is one of our basic needs, and most of us try to do the best we can to get enough sleep every night. Sometimes we spend the night winding down in bed reading, or perhaps watching TV before getting a shut eye.

But there are times when we fall prey to minor annoyances that can really disrupt our sleep. Some problems can be solved with a mask to cover our eyes, such as when there’s a bright light shining through the window. Maybe it’s too noisy outside, in which case ear plugs can help.

Then of course, there are some problems which can be solved by the Mattress Wedge.

What Problems Does It Solve?

There some typical problems which may indicate that you’re a good candidate for the Mattress Wedge.  For example, that bit of sunken area between the head of the bed and the wall can be really annoying, and you can end up in a totally uncomfortable position when you realize that your pillow is no longer What Problems Does It Solve?under your head but actually under the mattress.

Another common problem is if you like to use gadgets such as phones and tablets in bed, but you don’t have a side table to place them before you drift off to sleep. There’s a chance your gadget will fall to the floor while you sleep. Or you wake up with some object jamming against your neck or your back, which could cause some pain.

There is also the problem of putting two beds side by side (your two kids want to sleep together, what can you do?). So you end up with an annoying space in the middle, which can be uncomfortable and will make sleeping difficult.

The good news is, you can just get a Mattress Wedges and all these problems will go away.

How Does It Work?

The Mattress Wedge is shaped like a triangular prism. It’s like a long cylinder, except a cylinder has a round shape at both ends, while this “wedge” has a triangular shape instead. Essentially, you have a long length of foam that has three sides along its length.

The Mattress Wedge is also quite simple to use. If you have a space between the bed and headboard on the wall, you can wedge one edge to that particular space. So now you’ve got that space covered and the pillow doesn’t go down that space when you sleep. You can also position your pillow by the headboard when you’re sitting up reading, eating in bed or watching TV. Again, the pillow stays secure where it is supposed to be instead of sinking down the space.mattress wedge

It’s the same principle when you put two beds side by side and there’s an annoying space between the mattresses. You just put the wedge in the middle, and you will have a nice flat foam surface to cover the space. Now it feels like you have a single large (king size) mattress and it feels so much better when you sleep.

When this is under your head or your back, you also won’t have to worry about the temperature. In the summer, it remains cool inside. But it helps with insulation during the cold winter months.

It’s such a simple construct but you’d be amazed at how convenient it is. Now you can avoid quite a few irritating problems when you’re lying down on your bed and you’re trying to read or sleep.

Take note however that when you get the foam at first, it will be tightly packed so you need to give it some time for the air to seep inside. It’s quite sturdy in its design, so it can last for many years. It’s also machine-washable.

What’s Included?

Each package is a single wedge, plus a pillow and a couple of side pockets for the ends of the Mattress Wedge.

The side pockets are attached to the end of the wedge, so you have a handy place to put your smartphone, tablets, or TV remote. You won’t have to worry about accidentally pushing or kicking these devices and dropping them on the floor.

You also get a free Mattress Wedge pillow package, and there’s no extra charge (not even for handling). So you really get a couple of wedges, a couple of pillowcases, and 4 storage pockets.

The wedges come in three sizes as well. The biggest is the King Size, then the Full or Queen Size, and then the Twin Set. Get the right dimensions to ensure that the length of the wedge isn’t longer than the width of your bed. The free wedge must be the same size or smaller than the wedge you first chose. So if you picked the Queen Size set, you can’t get the King Size mattress. You’re limited to the Queen or the Twin Set Size.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you buy Mattress Wedge products online you will be surprised at how affordable it is. For the twin set package, the total cost $19.95 as the retail price for the Mattress Wedge package costs $10 and the process and handling fee is $9.95. The total cost of the Full or Queen Size Set is $39.90 while the King Size Set costs $49.90.

Now if you’re from New York, Connecticut, or California there may be some additional tax. You’ll also need to add another $10 for the shipping surcharge if you’re ordering from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands.

Some reports, however, say that the Mattress Wedge as seen on TV can be bought in the “as seen in TV” section at Wal-Mart. It costs $15, but usually there’s no process and handling charge. But you will have to figure out how you will fit it in inside your car when you take it home. So this is something you need to consider.

With the Mattress Wedge, you can sleep better and do away with many annoyances. It’s a worthy investment!