What To Expect When Using Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

There are commercials on TV and the Internet for Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk. This is a naturally formulated wood furniture cleaner that claims to restore furnishings to “like new” condition, all while removing water rings and other imperfections.

There is a huge debate about the product from users who love it and those who swear it is a scam. What should anyone expect, then, when using the Dutch Glow product?

The reality is that most tests conducted by wood restoration experts prove the product works very well. It does not remove scratches or damage, but if you are planning to buy the product, you were not planning to get an instant damage repair product, just a product that removes waxy build up and cleans wood of all kinds easily and beautifully.

How much a product like this costs?

dutch-glow-12-oz-amish-wood-milk-2You are probably wonder how much a wonder product like this costs. The answer is about $10. Amish Wood Milk is available online from its own website as well as from online retailers like You can also find it at brick and mortar stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Wal-Mart. Bottles come in a 12-ounce size and can handle a good amount of wood cleaning including stair banisters and kitchen cabinets.

That is not a huge amount of money to invest to see for yourself how well the wood milk cleaner works. Remember, it is not intended to repair furniture, just clean it and restore it to a shiny new state. If you are worried that the product will not live up to your expectations, purchase it from a brick and mortar store so that you can return it without having to bother with shipping.

However, before you make assumptions, it helps to know what real furniture restoration experts have to say about Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk. One expert claims that all it took was shaking the bottle, spraying it directly onto a cloth and then wiping the surface. He made sure to clean only half of the old furnishing’s surface to see if there was any difference.

It turned out there was a difference. When watching the commercial on TV or on the Internet, you will see there is a demonstration where a heavy wax build up is removed and transformed into a glowing shine in one wipe. The wood restoration expert admitted he saw a difference, but it did not happen after just one swipe of the cloth. In fact, he said he had to rub somewhat hard a few times, but the drop-leaf table he used as an experiment did come away remarkably clean and shiny.


Use this product on old furnishings

If you are planning to use this product on old furnishings or antiques that have build up, it most likely will work just as you need it to, however, you have to be patient and be willing to put some hard work into it. The dirtier the wood surface is, the more work you will need to do with the product to get it back into beautiful shape.

A used furniture company also put the Amish Milk to the test. The owners cannot afford to waste money on a product that will make any of their acquired inventory look worse. They are used to buying used, dusty, dull wood furnishings that they then restore to a better condition. They do this so that their buyers will be pleased with the items they purchase.

These used furniture store owners find that a lot of their time is spent cleaning their wood furnishings, so they, too, cannot afford for a product they invest money in to take a lot of their energy up with no results. Yet, when they tried the Dutch Wood Milk, they were impressed. They noted that it did not remove scratches, but again, that is not a claim the product maker states.


Let the furniture go

One thing they did note was that after applying the product and cleaning the wood furnishing it seemed to lose some of the luster brought to it by the product. After letting the furniture go for a few hours they saw that the luster was still slightly dulled, so they took some thinner and applied it. With a little extra work, they brought the furnishing back to a nice shine.

Still, the wood furniture salesmen agreed that Amish Wood Milk is perfect for cleaning and removing grime and wax from wood. It will not do the same thing as a good stripping and staining job will, but for everyday furnishings, not many people who use the product will be bothered about that. The furniture these partners have to clean and restore are usually in bad need of a thorough stripping and staining, not just a swiping with a cloth and some Dutch Wood Milk.

For home use, you can use the milk to clean cabinets and furniture, as well as wood statues and more. Surfaces can be made of oak, cherry, teak, pine, maple or hickory. It works for cleaning scuffmarks off wooden baseboards around the house, too.

Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk comes in a spray pump bottle. Just aim it where you want to clean and press the pump to release the spray. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the surface and watch it return to a beautiful, clean shine. Try it and see for yourself what to expect from it.